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The designer and founder of STEALTH Fitness Accelerator is former NFL Player, Buffalo Bill RB Jamie Mueller. 
He was the 68th pick in 1987 drafted by the Buffalo Bills from Benedictine College, Atchison, KS.  He played from 1987-1992 and was forced to retire due to a career ending neck injury.  Mueller was with Buffalo for Super Bowl XXV, XXVI. 
Mueller has always been a peak performance enthusiast as one of the fastest, strongest NFL players at his position when he played.  He lifted 1,865 lbs. for the powerlifting triple, squatting 700 lbs., deadlifting 700 lbs. and bench pressing 465 lbs.  Mueller was clocked at 4.35 second 40 yard dash at 220 lbs. body weight.  Post NFL Jamie worked in biotech within acute care medicines investing over 22 years learning about the cardiorespiratory system.
The genesis of STEALTH Fitness Accelerator came about when Mueller saw the number of medical RMT devices marketing to athletes in all sports. However, most all of the devices were not conducive for athletes to employ use during training, conditioning or exercise needing to be used away from practice time.  
Experts within the RMT world have postulated that a device that could be used during practice, conditioning, HIIT training, during sport specific ventilatory demands, would likely provide for the best possible outcomes.  Thus STEALTH
Fitness Accelerator was designed for use while exercising for maximum results.  
STEALTH Fitness Accelerator clearly meets an unmet need for an Athletic training. STEALTH device designed specifically for athletes to employ usage while training, practicing, conditioning, to allow for maximum improvements in performance. 
Significant increases in both VO2 Max and Lactate Thresholds are to be expected with a device designed for use during exercise. 
STEALTH acts as a Force Multiplier on both the exercise and the results!
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