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"After 8 weeks of using Stealth CRF Accelerator I was able to cycle at 94% of Max Heart Rate for 31 minutes.

Before using the CRF Accelerator device I could not go 5 minutes at that pace."

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"As a former pro athlete, I was skeptical STEALTH would work.
However, after just 8 weeks of using Stealth Fitness Accelerator Device, I saw 30% or greater improvement in AMRAP, As Many Repetitions As Possible until failure, across all exercises."

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"I highly recommend STEALTH for on ice and off-ice HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training to maximize VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold"

Chris R - NHL Strength Coach 1990-2005

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Expert Testimonials

"My VO2 max improved approximately 8% in just 4 wks, damn good". 

"Overall, I've noted lower resting HR, increased lung capacity, with generally longer, deeper breaths while normal breathing, likely activating the parasympathetic nervous symptom resulting in a lot calmer mood, less cortisol, and less tiredness".   

Ken M | | Research Scientist | Endurance Athlete | Personal Trainer

"I highly recommend STEALTH for on ice and off-ice HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training such as sprinting coupled with lower intensity jogging.

Sprinting or biking intervals 20 to 30 sec at maximum speed, followed by 60-90 seconds low intensity jogging or cycling for 8 to 10 reps is a good starting point to improve and push lactate threshold upwards.  Lactate threshold will improve by using this device. 

The higher your level of conditioning, the harder it is to get your heart rate up.  STEALTH RMT device can shorten that time to prevent overtraining.  Practice should always be harder than gameday, thus using Stealth Fitness Accelerator in practice will make your players much more effective when breathing without airflow restrictions during game situations."

Chris R. | NHL Strength Coach 1990-2006

"Using STEALTH has truly been a game-changing experience for me. It was like training in the mountains while in my gym!  

After 8 weeks using STEALTH my strength increased on average 40% over baseline across all exercises.

The only thing I changed in my workouts was added STEALTH, nothing else was altered.

 With focused breathing work, alongside my strength and endurance training, there was a big impact on my quality of life.

 I have been sleeping through the night and my wife noticed that I’m not snoring anymore.  

My blood pressure has improved and I’m much more relaxed at work, even though I work in high pressure start up world."

Paul H. | Former Professional Athlete | Biotech Executive

"I would highly recommend this device to anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level."

As a certified strength and conditioning coach, I was skeptical about the STEALTH at first, however the premise of the how the device could improve performance made sense to me.

I increased my max WATTS on Peloton from of 457 to 510.

My strength increased on Incline bench press up 62% and pull-ups increased by 39%.

I see this device truly setting a new performance standards across all sports."

Keith H. | Lifelong Strength & Conditioning Coach | CSCS | NSCA | Author

"As a former NFL player I personally have benefited greatly from STEALTH device by increasing my strength and endurance, VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold, learning to deeply breathe diaphragmatically for optimal health, fitness and overall well being.

Breathing is one of the most important function our bodies perform 24/7/365, yet few of us are efficient at breathing.

Deep breathing helps all of us deal with and manage stress levels as well as improve fitness.

Resistance breathing, deeply during exercise is a force multiplier for fitness improvements and stress management.

Over 60 weeks now using STEALTH my strength has increased over 100% on average and endurance has seen significant increases."

Jamie M. | NFL LEGENDS TEAM | Super Bowl XXV
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