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"I decreased my 10 mile road bike time from 33:20 minutes down to 24 minutes,

A BIG IMPROVEMENT." Kevin Stout-Cyclist

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"I saw a 41% Increase in Strength & Endurance after using STEALTH for 8 weeks."

Jamie Mueller - NFL Legends

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"I saw an 8% improvement in my VO2 Max in just 4 weeks."

Ken Miller - PhD Researcher | Power Athlete

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WORLD's 1st Dual Resistance Breathing Device

designed for use during Exercise for Maximal Gains.

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"My VO2 max improved approximately 8% in just 4 weeks, damn good". 

"Overall, I've noted lower resting HR, increased lung capacity, with generally longer, deeper breaths while normal breathing, likely activating the parasympathetic nervous symptom resulting in a lot calmer mood, less cortisol, and less tiredness".   

Ken Miller PhD Medical Writer


"I increased my max watts on Peloton from 457 to 510. My strength also increased on Incline bench press +62% and stamina increased 39% on pull-ups."

"As a certified strength and conditioning coach, I was skeptical about the STEALTH at first, however the premise of the how the device could improve performance made sense to me."

"I see this device truly setting a new performance standards across all sports."

Keith Hetling


I’ve competed at the highest levels of endurance racing early in my life. I have also tried many devices in my years. I’ve worn backpacks designed to simulate altitude training, slept in oxygen tents, and tried about every methodology. 

This product shocked me! I decreased my 10 mile road bike time from 33:20 minutes down to 24 minutes, that's A BIG IMPROVEMENT of over 9 minutes, STEALTH is FOR REAL! 

The beauty behind the science of
stealth is that it allowed me to develop greater cardiovascular
strength while putting less stress on the other parts of my body.

Kevin Stout - Business Executive

Retired R.N Looking to Improve Overall Health

I am 65 years old female non-athlete just trying to improve my overall health.

After starting out using this device
2 or 3 days a week at a level 1 just to get used to it, I now use it 4 to 5 days a week at level 4 when I do my light strength and flexibility workout.

It is amazing how quickly the body adapts. I now can take and hold much deeper breaths and can easily walk hills and steps that previously would make me winded.

I definitely would recommend. I have a better of a sense of well-being, with increased endurance and increased energy.

Mary Camerino


"Over 60 weeks now using STEALTH my strength has increased over 100% on average and endurance increased 50%."

Resistance breathing, deeply during exercise is a force multiplier for fitness improvements and stress management.

I personally have benefited greatly from STEALTH device by increasing my strength and endurance, VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold while learning to deeply breathe diaphragmatically for optimal health, fitness and overall well being.

Jamie Mueller


As a former NHL Strength & Conditioning Coach I highly recommend STEALTH for on ice and off-ice HIIT.

Sprinting or biking at 30 sec intervals at maximum speed, followed by 60 seconds of low intensity jogging or cycling for 8-10 reps is a great starting point to improve lactate threshold. Lactate threshold will improve by using this device. The higher your level of conditioning, the harder it is to get your heart rate up.   

Practice should always be harder than game-day. Using Stealth in practice will make your players much more effective when breathing without airflow restrictions during game situations.

Chris Reichart NHL Strength Coach 1994-2005


While I cannot be certain that Stealth will add years to my life, I can assure you that it has added life to my years.

I shaved 30% off my cycling time in the 2.5 miles I typically sprint through. Ive also managed to Increased my strength +27% on average across all exercises.

Some non-fitness related benefits I have experienced from using Stealth device include: Improved concentration, better sleep, improved memory and overall sense well-being.

A must have If you are at all fitness savvy.

Sal Goldberg Retired Executive


"After 8 weeks using STEALTH my strength increased on average 40% over baseline across all exercises."

With focused breathing work, during my strength and endurance training, there was a big impact on my quality of life Including the following:

-Better sleep

-Lower blood pressure

-Lower Stress

Paul Howe - Biotech Executive
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